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In the current financial year, we have recognised the difficult circumstances facing local taxpayers and have sought to limit our precept, transferring money from our existing reserves and seeking to maximise income to make up the balance of the total expenditure planned for the year.

We are advised by Conwy County Borough Council that the Council Tax base for Llanrwst Town Council area for calculation of the precept is £1219.97 Calculations of precept are done on the basis of the Band D requirement, with the bandings below and above calculated as the following fractions of Band D

Band A  6/9ths,

Band B  7/9ths,

Band C  8/9ths,

Band D  9/9ths,         

Band E  11/9ths,        

Band F   13/9ths,

Band G   15/9ths,

Band H   18/9ths.

The previous year’s Band D precept was £69.70 The calculation based on the proposed budget (net requirement) indicates a Band D precept at £78.90. This is an increase of £ 9.20 for the forthcoming year – of which 17p is accounted for by the reduction in Council Tax Base

Click here for the full range of tax bands for 2020/21 as follows (corresponding figures for 2017/8, 2018/9 and 2019/20.

Conwy County Borough Council have indicated that the majority of properties in the Town Council’s area fall into bands A to C.

The Town Council’s detailed document which reviewed the previous year’s expenditure and set this year’s budget and precept was considered at its meeting on 30 January 2020. The document is available for download or to read under the “Meetings” tab on this website or by contacting the Town Clerk.

Financial Regulation Addendum A  - Policy on Reserves

Financial Regulation Addendum B  -  Acquisition of Premises

Financial Regulation Addendum C  -  Making Payments

Financial Regulation Addendum D -  Policy on Grants and Donations   

Financial Regulations 2017


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