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The Crafnant Trust

Image courtesy of v-g.me.uk - a sky view of  a lake, with surrounding mountains.

Image courtesy of v-g.me.uk

The photograph shows the ceremony at Llyn Crafnant when a memorial was unveiled on behalf of the people of Llanrwst in gratitude for Richard James’ gift to the town and a framed illuminated scroll presented to Mr. James.

The charity has responsibility for Llyn Crafnant, one property – Cynllwyd Mawr - and a small parcel of agricultural land, for the benefit of the community of Llanrwst.

A natural lake, Crafnant was developed as a reservoir in the 1870’s by Baroness Willoughby de Eresby (related by marriage to the Wynns of Gwydir) by agreement with the Poor Law guardians of Llanrwst, to provide a water supply to the town.

In 1895, the owner of the lake and property, Mr. Richard James, a solicitor of Dyffryn Aur, Llanrwst presented Llyn Crafnant to the people of Llanrwst. Llyn Crafnant was given into the trusteeship of the Llanrwst Town Council in 1895 and whilst the water supply operation was, day to day, managed by Welsh Water and its predecessor bodies, that trusteeship remained and Llyn Crafnant returned fully to the Town Council on cessation of water supply operations in the mid-1980’s.

The Trust is comprised of 13 trustees – the currently elected members of the Llanrwst Town Council – and the Town Clerk acts as the Trust’s Administrator.

However, it is run separately from the Town Council itself. Llyn Crafnant will remain with this Town Council – or any successor local authority - in perpetuity.

The Trust usually makes charitable awards from its disposable income each year for the general benefits of the town of Llanrwst and individuals within that community –

  • Which benefit the community as a whole
  • Assists with education and upbringing of children and young adults – with an emphasis on activities which encourage good citizenship
  • Helps alleviate social problems, encourage self help and the widening of aspirations
  • Encourages civic pride and responsibility
  • Assists in gaining a sense of place and knowledge of local history
  • Generally advances social education, religious knowledge, social tolerance and understanding
  • Relieves instances of debilitating financial hardship and mitigate distress to the elderly and infirm and young alike
  • Provides for special needs for disadvantaged people, that are not available elsewhere.

If you, as an individual, or as a member of a group which has a specific need for a small injection of funds and can meet the Trust’s criteria for an award, you should contact the Trust Administrator, Mr. Lyn Jones. You can also download the grant application form and guidance from this website.

Application Form for a Charitable Grant (PDF)
Guidelines to accompany the Application Form for Grant Funding (PDF)


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