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What We Spend

In the current financial year (2024/25) we have planned a budget which reflects –

  • Ongoing statutory duties and responsibilities
  • Known / expected financial commitments and costs which arise each year
  • Specific projects which are planned for completion by March of next year
  • An element of contingency to cover circumstances where there are one-off costs, to cover cost variations which exceed carefully estimated charges and to meet unforeseen costs arising (e.g. emergency repairs to an asset, by-election etc.)

The current year’s planned budget, summarised in very broad headings is set out below.

For the current year’s planned budget, summarised in very broad headings click here.

The Council has the power to raise its funds through a tax called a “precept” which is decided in January of each year and forms part of the Council Tax demand which local residents receive from Conwy. We raise a small amount of income from services for which we can charge and also through our ability to reclaim certain elements of VAT paid during the year. In some years, where there is an underspending of money budgeted, the Council is able to add such sums to its reserves – money kept in a separate account, to some extent for “a rainy day”

Our budget planning process will begin in October of this year and final decisions on the 2025/26 budget will be made in January 2025.

The Town Council’s detailed document which reviewed the previous year’s expenditure and set this year’s budget and precept was considered at its meeting on 17th January 2024. The document is available for download or to read under the “Meetings” tab on this website or by contacting the Town Clerk.

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