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Recent Issues

In addition to the usual “day to day” business of the Town Council, there is a constant flow of issues which are of significance to the people and community of Llanrwst and which the Council strives to address. Some are short-term and quickly resolved, others can be far more strategic or demand a long term focus to secure the desired outcome.

The following is an outline of some of those issues which have been, or continue to be pursued by the Town Council in the period of the currently elected Council.

  • In the light of Conwy Council’s decision to expand pay and display parking, to aim to secure free car parking in the town’s car parks for local residents and employees of businesses in the town.
  • Following flooding episodes locally in 2015, 2018, 2019 and 2020 
  • to secure a more strategic approach to flood defence and alleviation
  • to support the Conwy Valley Flood Partnership which the Town Council has succeeded in re-establishing
  • to finalise and publish an effective community flood plan
  • To continue to press the Welsh Government to provide a pedestrian crossing at Llwyn Brith and to ensure a safe route to school for children and parents who use the A470 between the Nebo Road junction and Bridge Street on a daily basis as pedestrians.
  • To promote and press for significant and effective improvements to traffic management within the town and especially in relation to the increasing pressures on the A470 trunk road route through the town centre and at the Pont Fawr.
  • In keeping with the charter status of the town and the involvement of predecessor authorities, securing the transfer and return of responsibility for the Town’s market from the Conwy County Borough Council and planning for growth of the market
  • The acquisition of 19 Ancaster Square and to secure, with Barclay’s bank, the maintenance of a 24/7 ATM at those premises. In anticipation of relocation to the premises, to commence planning for the redevelopment of the Almshouses as the town’s local Heritage centre.
  • Opposing the London Government’s proposals for the reduction of parliamentary constituencies in North West Wales
  • As the Crafnant Trust, to address significant issues raised by the 10 year safety inspection of the former reservoir
  • At the request of the Charity of Sir John Wynn of Gwydir, to take on the management of that Trust.
  • The  preparation for developing, with the community of Llanrwst, a hybrid Place Plan / Community Plan for the future of our town and its people
  • Detailed discussions / negotiations with the Conwy County Council on the future of certain local services within our community with a view to securing agreement on future responsibility for  and / or support to sustain those services

Please contact the Town Clerk should you wish further information on any of those issues listed.

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