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Standing Orders

These Standing Orders are the essential written rules for the general conduct of business and the regulation of proceedings of the Llanrwst Town Council. They are applied in conjunction with separately determined or supplementary provisions including the Town Council’s Financial Regulations and Welsh Language Scheme.

The Llanrwst Town Council operates within a wide-ranging and complex statutory / regulatory framework and has developed its own policies and strategies or has resolved to adopt or assimilate measures prescribed nationally by the Welsh or U.K Governments. It is not practicable to list all such policies within these standing orders. However, such policies will apply whether or not they are directly referred to within this document.

In addition to the 13 elected or co-opted members of the Llanrwst Town Council and its Town Clerk, these standing orders shall be construed as applying to any other individual whom the Town Council resolves to appoint, such as an expert adviser for a specific period or work project.

These standing orders will be reviewed as often as necessary having regard to changes in statutory provisions, case law and/or recommendations or directions from the Public Service Ombudsman for Wales or the Auditor General for Wales. Notwithstanding, an item will be placed on the agenda of the last normal meeting in each Council year (prior to the Annual Meeting) to consider the application of the current standing orders and whether from practice there are grounds for a review in whole or in part at that time.

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