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Accessibility Statement

Town Council Offices, Ty’r Dref, 19 Ancaster Square, Llanrwst 

1.    The Council’s offices, Ty’r Dref are centrally located on the town square (Ancaster Square) Llanrwst.  

2.    If you are intending to visit us and will be travelling by public transport, the  nearest bus stop is in Watling Street, from which there is a pedestrian route opposite the bus stop through to the town square At the town square end of this  route, there is a staggered barrier to prevent people walking out onto the very  busy A470 at the square and at which point the pavement width is severely  restricted. Access onto the square itself is via a pedestrian crossing outside the  Spar store. The nearest of the town's two railway stations - on Denbigh Street -  is just a few minutes walk away. 

3.    There are disabled parking spaces on Ancaster Square, just yards from our main entrance. The surface of the pedestrian areas of the-square are paved , the road and parking spaces are made up of brick pavers, generally in very good condition underfoot – but can prove slippery in wet conditions. 

4.    The Town Clerk's office is located on the ground floor of the offices – access is level with good lighting and is wheelchair friendly. Once inside the building access to the meeting room and toilets is via a lift or a stairwell towards the rear of the building The toilet facilities provide for individuals with disabilities. 

5.    At such time as the Council has refurbished and opened the Town’s Almshouses as a local heritage centre, public access will be via the Council’s offices.

b. Website. 

6.    Many local people and clients contacting the Town Councilor seek information  through our website. The site has been created to be very usable, but for some,  they will get a better user experience by customising their computer to suit their  individual needs - for example by changing the colour scheme, increasing the  size of fonts or even getting the computer to speak the site to them. If this would  be useful to you, we recommend, initially, that you visit the BBC's "My Web/My  Way" webpages which will help you to use the accessibility features on your computer, i – pad, tablet or smartphone or to understand "assistive technologies" which are available and might suit your specific needs. 

7.    We always aim to communicate information clearly and in simple language.  Furthermore, we seek to ensure that any document we place on the website will use "AriaI" or "Verdana" fonts as those best suited to individuals with vision or  dyslexia problems. 

c.     Paperwork and Hard Copy Documents 

10.    We will endeavour to make forms and hard-copy documents available in large  print formats where technically possible to do so. However, we cannot guarantee  an immediate response to such a request.  Our publication scheme - see separate tab - specifies those cases where  charges for hard copy documents will be applied in all cases, irrespective of status or disability.

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